Papa Haydn Variations


Nos.60-66 from Ready, Steady, Go!

Composer: J. Haydn
Arranger: Cathy Elliott

Instrumentation: Double bass and piano
Exam syllabus: Grade 1

Printed edition: Ready, Steady, Go!

Download editions are supplied as a single PDF containing the double bass part and piano accompaniment


The Papa Haydn Variations are in C major and based on the opening theme of the slow movement of his symphony known as the ‘Surprise Symphony’.

No.60 Papa Haydn goes Walking is the theme and is built round arpeggio figures on C and G.
No.61 Papa Haydn’s Cat goes Prowling is to be played smoothly. Each note is played to the same rhythmic pattern: crotchet and two quavers (quarter and two eighth notes)
No.62 Papa Haydn’s Kangaroo goes Jumping features re-take down bows in the rest at the end of each bar.
No.63 Papa Haydn’s Dog goes Walking uses the rhythmic pattern ‘crotchet and two quavers’ (quarter and two eighth notes) while the pitch changes with each note.
No.64 Papa Haydn goes Skipping is in compound time
No.65 Papa Haydn Bangs his Head requires hooked pairs of down and up bows on repeated notes.
No.66 Papa Haydn’s Dog Wags his Tail features the rhythm ‘four semiquavers and two quavers’ (four sixteenth and two eighth) on each note.

Nos. 60-66  from Ready, Steady, Go!

Set for Grade 1 exams by:

  • Trinity (2020-2023)
  • Trinity (2016-2019)

Printed Edition

Ready, Steady, Go! (bass) ISMN: 979-0-708191-00-1
Ready, Steady, Go! (piano) ISMN: 979-0-708191-01-8

Performance video

Tutorial video

This is a taster of the tutorial for Papa Haydn Variations.
For the full version please go to String Virtuoso

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